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buy liquid chalk Canada

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Need climate hope? Imagine the promise of green left-wing victories in Canada

BC Green leader Andrew Weaver and BC New Democrat leader John Horgan sign a coalition pact to replace the Liberal government in British Columbia, Canada May 30, 2017. Consider just a few of their plans. A ban on big money donations and the introduction of proportional voting: this alone would transform an enclave of corporate power into a more functional democracy. Honouring the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: this would start to heal the colonial wounds that tear apart the province. And “employing every tool” to block the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline: this would be a message that economic development need not torch our climate commitments, which would reverberate across the country. It’s not quite a left-wing agenda: after all, the NDP has pledged only the most modest tax hikes to redistribute the obscene hoarded wealth in Canada’s most unequal province. But in its fusion of environmental and economic action, it is historic. In coalition, the fiscally-conservative Greens and environmentally-timid NDP have expressed the best of their platforms, and canceled out the worst. Public pressure forced the Greens to prop up the NDP instead of the Liberals. Now popular movements must push the new government to embrace a truly ambitious climate justice agenda — defending both whales and wages, unleashing both construction and carbon cuts. Such a program would require investments in renewables, retrofits, public transit, sustainable forestry and affordable housing that would spark massive jobs creation and improve the conditions of workers, especially those Indigenous and racialized people getting the worst deal in the current economy. This is the sort of green-left agenda that people will want to fiercely defend: offering change measured not just in atmospheric carbon levels in the future, but in their daily lives in the here and now. A BC NDP-Green government, kept to and pushed beyond its promises, will have national implications: it will expose Justin Trudeau as the pipeline-boosting pretend climate champion that he is.

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